Books Published by New Native Press

Beatitude Magazine and the 1970’s San Fransico Renaissance
Thomas Rain Crowe and Samuel J. Fox
New Native Press
ISBN: 1-883197-38-4
Price: $19.95

beatitude magazine book

From the early 1970s through the early 1980s, for about a decade, San Francisco was often compared to Paris and the urban centers in Russia at the turn of the century. Centered around City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, a fleur-de-lis had sprouted and bloomed, whose petals would eventually spread into the ethnic neighborhoods in San Francisco and out over the whole Bay Area, with leafy creative vines reaching other literary and artistic circles, further afield, in Berkeley, Bolinas, the Russian River and up along the coast and north–all the way to Mendocino and the North San Juan Ridge community in the Sierra foothills and as far south as Santa Cruz. Young poets, artists and musicians coming from all over the country, and in fact the world, were arriving almost daily to add their voices to the chorus of a growing community of younger generation bohemian brethren. It was, quite honestly, the resurrection of Beatitude magazine (started by Bob Kaufman as one of the original beatnik publications that was part of the “mimeograph revolution” of the1950s) that was the spark for the renaissance that went on for an historic, if short, literary era.

A Living Legacy: In Their Own Words
Thomas Rain Crowe and Samuel J. Fox
New Native Press
ISBN: 1-883197-33-X
Price: $12.95

Originally compiled as part of American anthology of living poets by the Mexican publisher La Cabra Ediciones, this is a collection of interviews that will be unique to readers both outside and inside of the U.S. With questions of broad brushstrokes and implications, the responses of the poets, here, create a wide arc of voice and achievement. Inside these pages there are elder poets and baby-boomers, male and female. All of whom are “the real deal.” Driven by their commitment and love for ‘the word.’ For whom the art of poetry is a life’s work. Their ‘job.’ Their lifestyle. And in many cases, their ‘religion.’ This, then, is a ’perfect wave’ of poets that would best represent the qualities of heart and soul that IS the poetry of the United States in the second decade of the 21st century and beyond. Poets whose work, we believe, will live on beyond their own lifetimes.

Salting the Boundaries
Dale Pendell
14 April 2014
New Native Press
ISBN: 1-883197-37-6
Price: $14.50

Pendell book cover

As a kind of stewardship and seasonal ritual, Dale Pendell takes us through the four seasons at his home in Sierra foothills of northern California as he “salts the boundaries” of his property and his life, “keeping them clean” as he puts it. No stranger to ancient culture(s) or rituals, the author writes a modern poetry that is, at once, contemporary and Celtic in its detail and focus on cultural and environmental sustainability (or the lack thereof). Drawing a circle around the seasons, Pendell finishes this poem-cycle with poems of winter. In his preface to the winter section he writes: “In California and other ‘Mediterranean’ climates, winter is when it rains. Fires are in the stove. It’s a good time for writing, and books.”

Richard Lewis
21 Sep 2008
New Native Press
ISBN: 978-1-883197-14-8
Price: $14.95


Poetry. Nature. East-West traditions.
Richard Lewis with SHAKING THE GRASS FOR DEW, his first collection of original work, can be seen, perhaps, as the modern Western equivalent of the great nature poets of the East–Wang Wei and Han-Shan come to mind. Richard Lewis writes a kind of surreal metaphysics untamed and unlike anything being written in America today. The Neruda of Tao-inspired poems, Lewis’s longer Issa-like, haiku-like poems are fresh with the dew from whence they came: a place deep in the spirit of nature. An amazing and timely vision coming from someone who has lived most of his life in New York City.

Crossing Cowee Mountain
Barbara R. Duncan
21 Sep 2008
New Native Press
ISBN: 978-1-883197-16-2
Price: $8.00


Poetry. Appalachian Studies.
The author of two previous award-winning books on Cherokee culture, Barbara R. Duncan’s first collection of poems extends her talents as a songwriter into the literature of the southern Appalachians in a way reminiscent of work that came out of the Fugitive movement over a generation ago. Her attention to detail of flora and fauna and allegiance to tradition, shows why she is one of the most honored folklorists in America. These poems are as heartfelt and passionate as they are gentle and place-provoking.

rEdlipsticK CD audiobook
Ted Pope
full text of Ted Pope’s book of same name
with accompanying soundscapes
and music by Jason Brady.
New Native Press
$10, 60 min. CD audiodisk


Ted Pope reads from his book rEdlipsticK. See book summary for more information

Poems from Snow Hill Road
Brent Martin
$8, 40 pages, paper, limited edition
New Native Press
ISBN: 978-1883197230
Price: $8.00


“First book by poet-ecoactivist Brent Martin. One of the best small books about place I’ve ever seen. Written from and about the community where he lives in rural western North Carolina, Snow Hill Road shines with the confidence of personal metaphors that bring the people and the hills alive. A mature start for a mature poet.” -Thomas Rain Crowe

by Jeff Davis
New Native Press (2006)
ISBN: 1-883197-22-8
Paperback: 91 pages / $12.50


Poetry/Literature/Appalachian Studies: “Way back when, a literary gent by the name of E.L. Pound, from Hailey, Idaho, announced to the world: “I divide poetry into what I can read and what I cannot read.” I am new to Jeff Davis’s work but hit’ll read!!! It reminds me that writers named Robert Creeley and Charles Olson once taught at Black Mountain College in Buncombe County NC – and made a difference.” – Jonathan Williams

by Ted Pope
New Native Press (2006)
ISBN: 1-883197-20-1
Paperback: 61 pages / $12.50

rEdlipsticK_Ted Pope

Poetry/Literature/World Cultures

From the back cover:

A hybrid combination of wise old sage and someone teeting on the edge describes Ted Pope in performance. On the page his work, likewise, combines ancient wisdom and that which is out of control. A walking contradiction, he is infused with a kind of charge rarely experienced, either onstage or on the page, in any time or space, in any culture or Age. In his word, his writing is imbued with an extra-terrestrial grounding that, for the reader, brings on vertigo while being in love with flight. And fly he does!

From ancient Egypt to the netherworlds of the subconscious, Ted Pope’s rEdlipsticK takes us on a journey of imagination bordering on legend. “Hang on!” he says, “and leave the flying to us.”

“Automatic Antiquity”
by Ken Wainio
New Native Press (2004)
ISBN: 1-883197-19-8
Paperback: 70 pages / $12.50


Poetry/Literature/World Cultures

Poems that represent the best of American surrealism and a perfect blending of East (Egypt and Turkey) and West (Greece, Western Europe and America)
“Ken Wainio is what happens when Eluard and Lautreamont meet the Oracle at Delphi.”

Against Information
and other poems
by John Lane
New Native Press (1995)
ISBN: 1-883197-06-6
Paperback: 67 pages / $7.95


From the Back Cover:
“For any who might have doubted that the human brain is the most explosively articulate of expert systems or feared that the best minds of our re-generation are being devoured by the Internet, this is the howl of the 90s, a poetic rallying cry for humane technology.” –Benjamin Dunlap

The first conscious collection of satirical poems from the Information Superhighway

Anthems of an Uncut Field
Danielle Truscott
New Native Press (1999)
ISBN: 978-1883197155
Paperback: 88 pages / $9.95


Of English and Cornish descent, Danielle Truscott grew up in New England, England, and Italy. She attended Wesleyan University and Temple University and makes her living as a freelance writer and book editor. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

A first book of poems by a young woman writer who hails from the traditions of H.D. and Mina Loy. She is a more modern version of both, but uniquely her own voice.

Celtic Blood: Selected Poems 1968-1994
Philip Daughtry
New Native Press (1995)
ISBN: 978-1883197056
Paperback: 104 pages / $10


Philip James Daughtry was born near Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England, in 1942. On his father’s side, he is descended from legendary American outlaws Frank and Jesse James. He migrated to Canada in 1957, then to the United States where he has lived ever since. His previous books of poetry are The Stray Moon and Kid Nigredo. He currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

A direct descendent of Frank and Jesse James, Philip Daughtry is one of the only true Northumbrian Geordie poets writing in dialect today. Geordie and American poems from 1968 to 1994.

Deep Language
Thomas Rain Crowe
New Native Press (1991)
ISBN: 978-0685647998
Paperback / $5
The Saint in the Cellar
New Native Press (2003)
ISBN: 978-1883197186
Paperback: 47 pages / $9.95


“Kusumagraj’s poetry lends form to that which is abstract, puts within bounds that which is boundless, and creates images suffused with feelings.” -Jnanpith Award Citation

Seizures of the Sun
by Jimmy McLachlan
New Native Press (1996)
ISBN: 978-1883197117
Paperback: 32 pages / $6.00


This book was published when the author was seventeen, and some of the poems in the collection were written as early as age fourteen. Astonishing maturity and voice for one so young.

Writing The Wind: A Celtic Resurgence
edited by Thomas Rain Crowe
New Native Press (ANTHOLOGY, 1998)
ISBN: 978-1883197124
Paperback: 332 pages / $24.95


Poetry. Edited by Thomas Rain Crowe with Gwendal Denez and Tom Hubbard. Translated by many hands. In this long overdue collection of contemporary Celtic language poets, A CELTIC RESURGENCE offers a first comprehensive look in English at poets from Wales, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Isle of Man writing in Welsh, Breton, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Cornish and Manx. Along with poets who are legendary and household names in their native countries, such as Sorley MacLean, Bobi Jones and Anjela Duval, are more than fifty of the new young voices of modern Celtic literature. In tone, these voices of The New Celtic Poetry are equally as sensitive as they are subversive. In this they mirror the struggle and resiliency of a century of language activist-writers who have defied the attempts at cultural genocide by the English and the French—and have continued to write and speak their languages. The result of that staying power is evidenced in a ground swell of literary activity during the last half of the twentieth century in all six Celtic countries represented in this book. Introduced to many for the first time, these, then, are “The New Celts.” The progeny of hundreds of years of ancient cultural tradition, yet as modern as anything being written anywhere in the world today.

“Just by the very existence of the Celts and the Celtic traditions that have survived, this is subversive!”—Bobi Jones

“It is a very different type of romanticism that has been predicated of the Gael and his poetry. The special brand of romanticism attributed to the Gael and his poetry is a romanticism of the escapist, otherworldly type, a cloudy mysticism, the type suggested by the famous phrase ‘Celtic Twilight.’ I suppose that many with Celtic pretensions will be shocked at the declaration that Gaelic poetry has not less but more than common realism.”—Sorley MacLean

A Conference of Birds
by Christopher Martin
New Native Press (2012)
ISBN: 978-1883197261
Paperback: 32 pages / $9.00

A Conference of Birds

Poetry. Christopher Martin is the editor of the online eco-literary magazine Flycatcher and a Masters of Creative Writing student at Kennesaw State University. Already an established presence in the worlds of the environment and southern literature, he is considered a “young phenom” in literary circles in the Southeast. A CONFERENCE OF BIRDS is his first book of poetry—a thematic collection of bird-related poems that are sensitive and keen-eyed. Like a walk in the woods. An auspiciious (see “auspice”) start to what promises to be a long and eventful career. A limited editon, fine arts edition chapbook using full cover wrap-around cover art illustrations by New York artist Hara Woltz and fine quality textured and colored papers.

by Caleb Beissert
New Native Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-1883197254
Paperback: 82 pages / $12.95

Caleb Beissert_Beautiful

Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Translated from the Spanish by Caleb Beissert. The word “beautiful” is the perfect metaphor for what Caleb Beissert has made of the poems of Pablo Neruda and Federico García Lorca in this collection some of which are well-known, if not ‘celebrities” of the late 20th and early 21st century literary canon. Beissert has brought, in his translations of these two international giants of modern verse, a new insight into their respective psyches and their Hispanic passion for language. For two such well-documented poets as this, one might wonder if more translations of their work are necessary. But as Beissert reiterates in his Preface to the book: “I do not believe in ‘definitive’ versions, nor in the finality of ‘literal translations.'” His renderings in BEAUTIFUL put any such philosophical questions or doubts to rest. The transliterations here are, as he puts it, “like a family moving into a new home. A fresh glance, a new perspective, a current voice.” The new Beissert-inspired 21st century voices of Neruda and García Lorca come across as nothing less than the exegesis of the book’s title: “beautiful.”

Essential Occupation
by Steve Brooks
New Native Press (2012)
ISBN: 978-1883197278
Paperback: 42 pages / $12.00

Essential Occupation_Steve Brooks

From the vantage point of a favorite seat in the Common Café of Time, in Essential Occupation, Steve Brooks takes us to the center of the poet s soul, asking the hardest yet the best questions of himself and of those who would call themselves poets.

From the Middle Woods
by Neeli Cherkovski
New Native Press (2011)
ISBN: 978-1883197070
Paperback: 70 pages / $12.95

From the Middle Woods_Neeli Cherkovski

In From the Middle Woods Neeli Cherkovski has done the nearly impossible: he has blended the sacred and the profane, as well as the essences of pristine nature and concrete commerce. Originally inspired by The Confucian Odes, the poems in this collection bring to mind the lovely acrobatics of Tu Fu and Marichiko in translations by Kenneth Rexroth. Cherkovski s elemental poems, sprung from personal experiences, bring to life such landscapes and sensations as the pungent odors of ocean and pine needles along the tree-studded coast of northern California. Here, East meets West and politics meets wilderness head on, yet gently, in Cherkovski s capable and caring sculptor s hands. This book is masterful proof that modern irony and self-absorbed narrative does not rule the American literary psyche, nor is true compassion dead in America s harbors and woods.

by Kaye McDonough
New Native Press (2014)
ISBN: 978-1883197339
Paperback: 145 pages / $17.95

pagan_Kaye McDonough

Poetry. Women’s Studies. Kaye McDonough’s PAGAN reverberates with a loving touch that spares nothing. Within its pages the impressions of a poet who focuses on lovers, friends and family, comes to life. The deft artistry of Vermeer,the splendid pathos of Beat legend Bob Kaufman, and the lives of many women are among the themes handled with grace and craftsmanship. McDonough serves as a witness to the mysteries of the ordinary. The impressive range of PAGAN will serve to enlighten and entertain generations to come.

“Kaye McDonough has such a unique poetic voice, and her new PAGAN distills it, especially in her poems for Isadora Duncan and Bob Kaufman, both pagans of another age.”—Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Popcorn Poems
by Michael Revere
New Native Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-1883197346
Paperback: 42 pages / $10.00

Popcorn Poems_Michael Revere

I introduce you to a gracious and caring person whose heart is tuned to the Voice of the Eternal; whose passionate message, written with authentic, personal style, will pull you irresistibly into a deeper longing to know him through tragedies and through triumphs. For Michael, the poem has become the necessity in an attempt to bring order from chaos. Barbara-Elisabeth van Frogge/Professor of Psychology and World Religions/ Southwestern Community College Michael s verse epitomizes the availability and appeal of poetry written by a person who is enamored with storytelling. His vivid descriptions and easy manner allowed the students to feel comfortable while also being fully engaged in the reading of his work. Michael is not only an excellent writer, but also a wonderful speaker, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is a decent, gentle man who has a gift and is very willing to share it with others. –William E.B. Verrone/College of Education Western Carolina University

Seven Dreams
by Feliciano Sanchez Chan
New Native Press (2014)
ISBN: 978-1883197315
Paperback: 107 pages / $14.95

Seven Dreams_ Feliciano Sanchez Chan

Poetry. Translated from the Mayan by Jonathan Harrington. Bilingual Edition. This translation brings Chan’s fine poetry to an English-speaking audience for the first time. Very little contemporary Mayan poetry has been translated into English. There have been a few anthologies, but I know of no individual book of poetry written in the Mayan language by a single author that has appeared in English. A look at the poems of Feliciano Sánchez Chan should demonstrate that this is not poetry notable solely because it was written in Mayan. This is poetry that merits a much wider audience because of the quality of the work itself. His poetry, written in the ancient language of Mayan, is as contemporary and modern as any poet writing today. He writes of the Maya as I know them—the living, breathing world of my neighbors and friends with their belief systems as well as their hopes and heartbreaks, aspirations and disappointments and the dream they share with most of the world—that their children’s lives will be better than their own.

by Lisa Ezzard
New Native Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-1883197322
Paperback: 40 pages / $12.00

Vintage_Lisa Ezzard

Poetry. Appalachia Interest. Returning to her roots on a six-generation family farm, Lisa Ezzard comes home to Tiger Mountain to become a wine maker and grower. Humbled and ruled by an ancestral love of the land and its seasons, she prunes in the winter, trains in the spring and summer, and harvests in the fall. Through Ezzard’s heart and hands, Dionysus comes alive in the Southeastern Appalachians of Georgia. We can follow the year’s vintage and taste the wine. For all those wishing to return to the land, Vintage brings to the farming life a whole new palette.

Between Entre
by Wai-Lim Yip
New Native Press (2008)
ISBN: 978-2913919341
Paperback: 70 pages / $13.00

Between Entre_Wai-Lim Yip

Wai-lim Yip is Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature at the University of California, San Diego. He has written more than thirty books in English and Chinese, including Chinese Poetry: Major Modes and Genres (California, 1976).

Thomas Rain Crowe and the Boatrockers
Thomas Rain Crowe
New Native Press (2008)
ISBN: 978-1883197247
CD: Music and Poetry / $9.00

Crowe and the Boatrockers

A spoken-word & music CD from one of the early and most versitile poet-bands in the US–Thomas Rain Crowe & The Boatrockers. This is a LIVE recording with studio quality–featuring Crowe’s translations of the Sufi poet Hafiz and the band’s arrangements using eastern acoustic instruments combined with electronica. A true East/West recording with Hafiz’s ecstatic and irreverent poetry.

The Thief of Words
Thomas Rain Crowe and The Boatrockers
New Native Press (2008)
CD: Music and Poetry / $9.00

The Thief of Words



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