Thomas Rain Crowe Publications

10,000 Dawns: The Love Poems of Claire and Yvan Doll
translated by Thomas Rain Crowe and Nan Watkins
White Line Press (2004)
ISBN: 978-1893996274
Paperback: 96 pages / $13.00

10,000 Dawns

Published in France in 1951 and appearing here for the first time in exquisite English translations that capture the poignancy of the originals, this volume also reproduces the eight drawing by Marc Chagall that appeared in the original, many of them of the poets themselves. The poems move back and forth between the two poets, creating an intimate yet universal conversation between two people who knew they had found their soulmate.

“Unlike the Surrealists, Goll loved a real woman, who was an unchanging presence in his life . . . it may well be that Goll will be remembered for these poems. Their simple visionary grace, the ease with which they build a spiritual moment out of commonplace, almost conventional, images, make the love poems unique in modern poetry.”—Paul Zweig

by Thomas Rain Crowe
Main Street Rag Press (2007)
ISBN: 978-1599480824
Paperback: 79 pages / $12.00


Perhaps Crowe’s most mature and interesting collection to date. Drawing on all his lyric abilities and world travels to give us a slightly surreal look into the essences of life in the late 20th century.

The Blue Rose of Venice
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Mountains and Rivers Press (2009)
Paperback: Chapbook

The Blue Rose of Venice

The Baby Beats & The 2nd
San Francisco Renaissance
by Mathias de Brayne
La Main Courante (2006) France
New Native Press (2006) U.S.
ISBN: ISBN: 2-913919-24-38
Price: Paperback: 250 pages / $20


A bi-lingual anthology published in France, edited and translated by French poet Mathias de Breyne, which looks back into the past and speaks for the present as well as predicts the future in relation to the 1970s 2nd San Francisco Renaissance–featuring the next generation of poets in the Beat tradition (the “Baby Beats”) alongside their Beat counterparts as they appeared in the pages of Beatitude and other northern California indie magazines.

The exciting, if unheralded, Bay Area literary scene of the 1970s fully documented in pictures and poems with attached CD which includes readings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Bob Kaufman, Jack Hirschman, Jack Micheline, Cole Swensen, Ken Wainio, Thomas Rain Crowe and others.

The Book of Rocks
Thomas Rain Crowe
New Native Press (2007)
ISBN: 978-1599241951
Paperback: 30 pages / $6.00


Wonderfully conceived and carried out poems in the tradition of acrostics and anagrams–of Crowe’s favorite philosophical and spiritual words. This small volume may be the legacy from this prolific modern American poet.

Postcards from Peru
by Thomas Rain Crowe
New Native Press (2013)
ISBN: 978-1883197292
Paperback: 70 Pages / $12.95


Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Travel Writing. In March of 2003, longtime Tuckasegee resident and author/publisher Thomas Rain Crowe spent two weeks in Peru. His travels took him to the deserts along the western Pacific coast, high into the Andes and its snow-capped mountains, and to the high jungle areas along the Urubamba River near Peru’s eastern border. Highlights of his trip included: Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines, Cuzco, Lima, the Ballestas Islands, Ollantaytambo, and Sacsayhuaman. In “postcards” sent to friends from various locations in Peru, Thomas Crowe describes these places, and others, and records—in words and pictures—his experiences, as well as the people he met and his thoughts along the route of his journey. After returning home to western North Carolina, Crowe began writing complimentary poems to go with each of the postcards he had written to friends and fellow writers and artists. The collection of postcards and facing poems created a unique text, presented to the public here for the first time.

A House of Girls
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Wind Publications (2007)
ISBN: 978-1893239685
Paperback: 128 Pages / $15.00

A House of Girls

Love can be at the same time both fleeting and forever. A House of Girls is a collection of stories which have dwelled for years in the heart of Thomas Rain Crowe — poignant love stories with an unusual twist. As one reader remarked, “a twist of the heart.”

Crack Light
by Thomas Rain Crowe with Pictures by Simone Lipscomb
Wind Publications (2011)
ISBN: 978-1936138265
Paperback: 104 Pages / $15.00


Poems from North Carolina’s Blue Ridge, with accompanying photographs by Simone Lipscomb.

Rare Birds
by Thomas Rain Crowe
University Press of Mississippi (2008)
ISBN: 978-1604731101
Paperback: 176 Pages / $20.00


Rare Birds is a collection of conversations with world-class jazz musicians and classical composers, featuring luminaries Philip Glass, Charles Lloyd, Abdullah Ibrahim, Steve Reich, Eugene Friesen, and Sathima Bea Benjamin. These in-depth, candid interviews focus not only on the music but also on the artists.

The six interviews, conducted by poet and author Thomas Rain Crowe and musician Nan Watkins, delve into the creative process, individual as well as global perspectives on the arts, the human condition, and various personal issues that are addressed in the music itself. These cutting-edge artists have singular ideas about what it means to be a composer and musician.

An important addition to the documentation of modern jazz musicians and composers, Rare Birds will appeal to anyone who is interested in jazz music or the contemporary classical canon.

The End of Eden
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Wind Publications (2008)
ISBN: 978-1893239807
Paperback: 184 Pages / $16.00


The essays of Thomas Rain Crowe combine with the stirring illustrations of Robert Johnson to produce a prophetic vision of the world in which we live — a vision of what we have and what we stand to lose through our careless disregard for the Earth and its finite resources. Crowe shows us the means by which we may save ourselves and our planet.

The Laugharne Poems
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Gwasg Carreg Gwalch: Wales (1997)
ISBN: 978-0863814327
Paperback: 72 Pages / $9.95


The product of an American poet’s pilgrimage to Wales and written from Laugharne and the Dylan Thomas Boat House in the summers of 1993 and 1995, these are poems that reflect both a place in the Welsh landscape and, in a certain sense, a literary tradition from the perspective of one of America’s brightest voices of the 60’s generation.

Zoro’s Field
by Thomas Rain Crowe
UGA Press (2005)
ISBN: 978-0820328621
Paperback: 240 Pages / $19.95

thomas-crowe-book-zoros field

After a long absence from his native southern Appalachians, Thomas Rain Crowe returned to live alone deep in the North Carolina woods. This is Crowe’s chronicle of that time when, for four years, he survived by his own hand without electricity, plumbing, modern-day transportation, or regular income. It is a Walden for today, paced to nature’s rhythms and cycles and filled with a wisdom one gains only through the pursuit of a consciously simple, spiritual, environmentally responsible life.
Crowe made his home in a small cabin he had helped to build years before–at a restless age when he could not have imagined that the place would one day call him back. The cabin sat on what was once the farm of an old mountain man named Zoro Guice. As we absorb Crowe’s sharp observations on southern Appalachian natural history, we also come to know Zoro and the other singular folk who showed Crowe the mountain ways that would see him through those four years.

Crowe writes of many things: digging a root cellar, being a good listener, gathering wood, living in the moment, tending a mountain garden. He explores profound questions on wilderness, self-sufficiency, urban growth, and ecological overload. Yet we are never burdened by their weight but rather enriched by his thoughtfulness and delighted by his storytelling.

The Wineseller’s Street
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Ibex/Iran Books (1998)
ISBN: 978-0936347677
Paperback: 84 Pages / $12.95

The Wineseller's Street

The Wineseller’s Street is about hope. About a world seen through eyes that don’t idolize individualism and separation. It reflects the human potential of living in a world of harmony and grace. No poet and no tradition does this better than Hafez. During a time of international political and religious chaos and violence, perhaps no other work is more essential to our survival and recovery. Here, Hafez is accessible, and in his accessibility, concise. Always the humble teacher, Hafez sits with us on the barstool in the town pub like a mirror, reflecting back our dreams.

The Wake Up Man
by Thomas Rain Crowe
Grateful Steps Publishing House; First edition (June 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1935130390
Paperback: 32 Pages / $14.95

The Wake Up Man

The Wake Up Manportrays the journey of Mance, the twin brother of the Sandman, as he searches for his purpose in life. When they open their eyes from a restful night’s sleep, children find the Sandman’s dust washed away by the Wake Up Man’s Magical water. Now they discover how they awaken. From Old Ivy, a wise old Cherokee woman, Mance learns the secret of waking everyone. With the right coordination and timing, the Sandman and Wake Up Man ensure everyone has enough sleep.

Les Poemes D’Une Vie Perdue: The Poems of a Lost Life
by Hugh Alain-Dal
New Native Press (2009)
ISBN: 978-2913919372
Paperback: 78 pages / $5.00

Poems of a Lost Life_translations

Poetry. Bilingual Edtion. Translated from the French by Thomas Rain Crowe and Antoine Bargel. Hugh-Alain Dal probably lived in Paris during the first half of the 20th century. In the lineage of Rimbaud’s Illuminations and Baudelaire’s Paris Spleen, after the publication of his first poems, Dal seems to have disappeared from the literary scene. This begs the question: Did he die, or perhaps run away in a fashion similar to Rimbaud’s poetic renunciation? He only left us his poetry–collected here under the title: THE POEMS OF A LOST LIFE, which is contemporary with Jean Genet Jacques Prevel and Antonin Artaud. Literary critic Jean-Michel Renaitour called Dal a major new literary voice upon the publication of his first book at the age of twenty.


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