Titles List for Thomas Rain Crowe





Learning To Dance (1986: Tatlin Books)

Poems For Che Guevara’s Dream (1991: Holocene Publications)

Deep Language (1992: New Native Press)

Night Sun (1993: NNP)

The Personified Street (1993: NNP)

Water From The Moon (1995: NNP)

The Laugharne Poems (1997: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch: Wales)  

Poems From Zoro’s Field (2005: Holocene Books)

Radiogenesis (2007: Main Street Rag Press)

The Book of Rocks (2007: Finishing Line Press)

The Book of Rocks, French Ed. (2008: Aretes Editions, France)

The Blue Rose of Venice (2009: Mountains & Rivers Press)

The Brucciano Poems (2010: sunnyoutside press)

The Sacred Land (2010: Rootdrinker Publications)

Postcards from Peru (2013: New Native Press/)




Why I Am A Monster (Hughes-Alain Dal) (1991: NNP)

In Wineseller’s Street: Renderings of Hafiz (1998: Ibex/Iran Books)  

Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved: 100 Poems of Hafiz (2001: Shambhala) 

10,000 Dawns (The Love Poems of Yvan & Claire Goll) (2004: White Pine Press) 

Pourquoi Je Suis Une Monstre (Hughes-Alain Dal) (2006: Tarabuste Editions, France)

The Dead Lips Dance & Collected Poems of H.A. Dal (2009: La Main Courante, France)




Writing The Wind: A Celtic Resurgence (The New Celtic Poetry) (1998: NNP)

10 Great Neglected Poets of the 20th Century (2000: APR)

The Baby Beats & The 2nd San Francisco Renaissance (2005: La Main Courante; France)

A Living Legacy: Poets From the United States (2014)




The Sound of Light (1991: Holocene)

Live at the Green Door (1995: Fern Hill Records)

The Perfect Work: Poems of Hafiz (2000: Omega)

Live at Lipinsky (2005: Thomas Rain Crowe & The Boatrockers)

The Thief of Words: Thomas Rain Crowe & The Boatrockers (2011: Fern Hill Records)




Zoro’s Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods(2005: University of Georgia Press)




The End of Eden: Essays of an Environmental Activist (2008: Wind Publications)




Rare Birds: Interviews with Music Legends (2008: Univ. Press of Mississippi)

A Living Legacy: In Their Own Words (2014: New Native Press)



Beatitude Magazine and the 1970’s San Francisco Renaissance (Photo Documentary) (2014: New Native Press)




A House of Girls (2008: Wind Publications)




The Wake Up Man (2010: Grateful Steps Publishing)


*Winner of the NC Literary & Historical Assn of N.C.; “Mayflower Award” for Nonfiction in 2006; Winner of the Southern Environmental Law Center “Reed Award” Book of the Year for best book on the environment; Runner up in the Independent Publishers Assn. Book Awards in 2006 for Regional Nonfiction.


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